St. Patrick’s was established over two centuries ago, in 1803, with the aim of making education widely available for the under-privileged. In 1792, the establishment was first initiated in Soho as an Irish Roman Catholic Church.



St. Patrick’s was launched with a distinct vision to empower students through education and widen the access to education for all. They started their education venture with Catholic schools, moving on to become a language school, and finally launching itself to become a full-fledged university that offers a variety of courses in technology, business management, health and social care, and tourism and hospitality.


St. Patrick’s started its journey as a traditional institution and, hence, employed traditional marketing strategies to support their business ventures. However, with the new age marketing trends stepping into the picture, traditional marketing techniques eventually lost their lustre and were not as effective anymore. St. Patrick’s, then, needed to polish their existing plan of action and add new ones. Here’s where GUS Education India became the frontrunner in their marketing approach.



GUS Education India took the wheel to rejuvenate St. Patrick’s as a brand. We aligned our online marketing expertise with the existing traditional methods to widen the scope of marketing for the brand. We helped St. Patrick’s add another layer of revenue by increasing sales. Our online marketing ideas opened more channels for St. Patrick’s, revamping the brand as a “new age” university in the market. We employed a well-calculated digital marketing plan to help rebrand St. Patrick’s as an eminent university.

Today, St. Patrick’s is one of the most sought after universities, for professional courses, in the world. We aim to continue implementing our digital marketing services to help St. Patrick’s maintain the prominence it has earned along the years.

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InterActive partners with international business schools and universities to bring universal access to the e-learning environment. Providing comprehensive online education solutions, we support our partners with a three-tier framework of services incorporating programme design and digitisation, marketing and recruitment, and online programme delivery.



In 2017, we launched Edology as an offshoot of InterActive. Edology is a comprehensive educational resource connecting students and professionals worldwide with UK-based online higher education institutes.

In InterActive we use paid social media as one of the main digital marketing channels to generate relevant leads. A paid social strategy is considered to be the cornerstone of a successful social media marketing campaign. Paid social media refers to the method of digital marketing where you pay for your social media posts. This increases the awareness of your brand which just cannot be done organically.


Even though paid social media is an excellent digital marketing channel, it was not reflecting in that manner for us. Our cost per leads (CPL) were proving to be extremely costly; which could have been justified if we had a high conversion value. Therefore, we had to come up with ideas and strategies to turn this digital marketing channel around.



After a lot of brainstorming, debates, and discussions; we decided to implement a sales funnel. So we restructured our paid social media strategy and based it around a sales funnel. A sales or revenue funnel refers to the buying process that organisations lead customers through when purchasing products. There are several phases in a sales funnel, namely – awareness phase, interest phase, evaluation phase, decision phase, purchase phase, revaluation phase, and repurchase phase.
We decided to focus our digital marketing efforts on the later stages of the sales funnel, with special emphasis on remarketing strategies. This step proved to be an inspired decision because not only did it help us reduce CPL and increase conversion value by a huge margin; it also identified the potential customers and effectively reached the right people at the right time, while maintaining low costs.

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